Job at OT – Staff Nurse/ Senior Staff Nurse Apollo Hospitals Dhaka

Job Location:
Anywhere in Bangladesh
Jan 15, 2017
No. of Vacancy:

Job Description / Responsibility

  • General OT: Laparoscopy instruments, Telescope 5mm,10mm 0` Camera 3 chips, Liner cutter (auto suture), Circular stapler (premium plus), Tacker for Laparoscopic Hernia, Lap-cholecystectomy Set, Lap-appendecectomy set, Laprotomy instruments set, T-tube, Hemmoroidectomy set, Hemorrhoid stapler, Liga clip Medium, small, Endoloop laparoscopic suture
  • Orthopedic Surgery: Titanium DCP Broad,Narrow,Small Plate.DHS,DCS plate, Interlocking Nails,Bio ACL Screws, K-Wires,cercalge wire, Total Hip and Knee Replacement Instruments and Implants, Arthroscopy instruments set, Bone Alograft,Bone cement, orthopedics basic Instrument sets, Pneumatic and Electrical Drill and Saw. Endo button, DHS Instrument set, Interlocking Instrument set, Cortical screws 3.5mm, 4.5mm, Cancellous screws 4mm, 6.5mm.
  • Neuro Surgery: Neuro Basic instruments set, Lumber Titanium Pedicle Screws and Rods, Craniotomy Special Micro instruments, Legend Drill and accessories, Up cutter & Bone Nibbular,cutter,periostium Elevator, Aneurysm Clips and applicator, Lateral mass plate,Cervical Cage.
  • Urology/ Nephology Surgery: Ureteroscope 6.8F,8F.Nephroscope, Telescope 4mm 30` Camera 2 chips, Kidney transplant instrument set, Neprectomy instruments set., PCNL dilators, stone holding forceps, DJ Stent various sizes, Cutting loops for TURP surgery, working element, Eye loop, Flexible Cystoscope, Guide wires 0.035mm,0.038mm various sizes.
  • ENT Surgery: Micro Ear Instruments, Nasal Endoscopy instruments, Micro Drill bits, diamond burs, Telescope, Camera 2 chips, Cochlear implant,TORP and PORP implants.
  • Plastic Surgery: Skin grafting handle, blade, Micro Drill bits, diamond burs, K-wires, Cortical screws 1.5mm, 2mm.2.5mm, Cleft Lip and cleft palate instruments set, Titanium Micro Mini plate, L plate, Fine instruments basic set, Breast implants, Liposuction hand piece, cannula etc.
  • Gyne and OB Surgery: Laproscopy instruments, Telescope, Camera 3 chips, Tissue Morcilator hand pieces and accessories, soft Tissue basic instruments set, Dilation and curettage set, Minor procedure set, Hysterectomy set, Caesarian section set etc.
  • Opthalmology Surgery: Cataract set, Chalazion instruments set, DCR instruments set, Micro instruments set, Ptrigium instruments set, Irrigation cannula etc.
  • Dental surgery: Titanium Micro Mini plate, L plate, mandibular plate, Orth dental instruments basic set, Mouth gag. Periostium elevator, Cortical screws 1.5mm, 2mm.2.5mm, steel wire 26,28, gauge, Perio glass (bone cement), Micro Drill bits, diamond burs etc.
  • Pediatric Surgery: Fine instruments basic set, Circumccison set, Laproscopy pediatric instruments set, laprotomy instruments set etc.

Job Nature

  • Full-time

Educational Requirements

    B.Sc in Nursing

Experience Requirements

  • At least 4 year(s)
  • The applicants should have experience in the following area (s): Nurse

Job Requirements

  • Senior staff Nurse acts as shift charge Nurse during evening and Night duty and also takes all job responsibilities of a Charge Nurse in absence of her.
  • Takes part in quality improvement and ensures compliance and adherence to accreditation protocols.
  • Adheres to all hospital policies and nursing code of conduct.
  • Perform and participates in emergency and disaster management
  • Maintains effective communication.
  • Contributes in cost and inventory control of the unit.
  • Maintains professional etiquettes.
  • Attends 4 Hours of Training per month.
  • Should attend all mandatory training as per HR policy.
  • Act as a shift charge Nurse and Floor Fire leader in case of Fire if assigned.
  • Performs any other tasks as assigned by the department.

Salary Range

  • Negotiable

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